Joshua Morvant / Founder

Joshua Morvant is an expert carpenter and contractor from South Louisiana. He spent six years studying fine woodworking through apprenticeships with luthiers in Quebec, Canada. During his travels on the east coast, Joshua was then exposed to early-American timber framing. This experience of witnessing buildings that have lasted four centuries planted the seed for what would later become Revival Timberworks.

With an eye for modern craft and great focus on tradition, Joshua Morvant has created a heavy timber company that is bringing an ancient vernacular into modern context.


The Revival Timberworks Team

Reviving the art of timber framing starts with teaching the craft. With varied backgrounds and skillsets, our team cultivates a work culture centered around community.

The Revival team comes together to form a strong network of highly skilled craftsmen with a combined experience of over forty years. They provide top quality work with passion for their craft.