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Trusted, reliable and professional carpentry services.

We are dedicated to providing well made and competitive wood products to contractors and home owners alike. Based in Southern Louisiana we specializing in traditional joinery and methods, we work directly with architects, designers and homeowners to create unique spaces that will stand the test of time and honor centuries old timber framing techniques passed down from generations of master craftsmen.


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Joshua Morvant

Designer/Master Craftsman

We are a team of professional, reliable craftsmen who focus on upholding a high standard of craftsmanship. From conception to completion we can help bring your dreams to life.


Craftsman Rates

Our hourly rates for shop and field work are $80 per hour for each craftsman with a $640 minimum. Materials and any other applicable charges will be added to the total cost.
Bids and estimates are available upon request.
For projects requiring design work we offer full 3 dimensional drawing and renderings. In order to begin we require a $600 retainer. Our hourly design rate after the retainer is used is $100 per hour.


Monday to Friday 7-5 pm